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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I get a kit to brew my own craft beer when I can buy them from the local bar?
A: Craft beers command a premium due to the nature of ingredients used and the process involved to give the craft beer its unique taste and characteristics. This kit gives you the chance to experience the brewing process itself and lets you enjoy top quality craft beer at a lower cost.

Q: What is so special about our craft beer kits?
A: Our kit teaches you to brew with the all-grain method, providing you with the maximum authentic brewing experience. We have also taken the liberty to include everything (less some common household items) you need in this kit, including the glass bottles to serve your beers from. This is to ensure that there are no hidden or miscellaneous costs to your homebrew journey.

Q: All-grain brewing method? What's that?
AThere are three methods of homebrewing namely, extract brewing, partial mash brewing, and all-grain brewing. The first two involves malt extract during the process. We believe in mastering the all-grain method from the start as it is beer brewing at its purest form. While it may be slightly more complicated, that's exactly why we are here to guide you along. Once you have mastered all-grain brewing, the other two methods will be much easier to pick up. 

Q: Will I need anything else apart from what is provided in the kit to brew my own beer?
A: Just some standard items that can be found in your kitchen like a large pot, strainer, table sugar and some ice.

Q: Is there any form of machinery or electrical appliance involved and do I need to use any batteries?
A: No machinery or electrical appliance will be required to brew. All you need is a stove.

Q: Will an induction stove work?
A: Yes, an induction stove will work the same, if your pot works with an induction stove. 

Q: Is it a very complicated process and are the instructions difficult to follow?
A: No, the brewing process is straightforward and the ingredients are all prepared for you. The instructions are simple to follow and illustrations are provided for assistance.

Q: Is the equipment provided in the kit reusable?
A: Yes, all the equipment provided in the kit is reusable and you can continue to use them to brew many many batches of beer subsequently. All you need is to top up the ingredients.

Q: Can I sell the beer that I brew?
A: No, you cannot sell your homebrewed beer as you will need a license for it. Your homebrewed beer is only for personal consumption.

Q: What do I do if I find that one of the equipment provided in the kit is malfunctional or damaged?
A: Drop us an email at with a picture of your damaged item and we will contact you to provide assistance. 

Q: How much space do I need to clear away in my kitchen to make way for this kit and to brew my beer?
A: Not much, in fact. All you need is your stove, and a small, dark corner to keep your fermenter while the yeast is doing its job. 

QHow long will my kit take to arrive?
A: Your kit will be delivered within 1 week after orders are collated and processed every Friday at 10pm. 

Q: Do you provide the individual accessories within the kit?
A: We are working on listing the various accessories individually, but for now you may contact us directly and we can provide for the accessories you require in your next purchase.