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(Seasonal Brew) Wheat Beer Kit
(Seasonal Brew) Wheat Beer Kit

(Seasonal Brew) Wheat Beer Kit

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The first of our new seasonal brews line-up! This will be a changing line-up of beers which we will be releasing to add variety and allow you to experiment with new flavours. Stock will be limited for the seasonal brews.

In this kit, we’ve opted for an “American style” wheat beer where cleaner tasting yeasts are used. Mostly wheat beers have low IBU (bitterness), hop flavour & aroma. Wheat beers also tend to be hazy due to the wheat proteins, adding a fuller body compared to other non-wheat beers.

The result? A medium-bodied wheat beer carrying a hint of citrus tanginess and light acidity - amazingly refreshing and drinkable, perfect one for the perpetual summer in our books!